‘Angel trumpets and devil trombones’*

Brugmansia aurea and the variegated ‘Sunset’

Brugmansias are shrubs and small trees that are borderline hardy, but all of which are better off brought in for the Winter months even if just into a shed or spare room. Some have beautiful evening scent. In the last year or so we have acquired half a dozen new brugmansias courtesy of the generosity of the legendary Jon Kelf who can be found on twitter as @junglejon33 and Lee of Exotic Earth Plants. As a result this page will shortly become unbearably beautiful. ‘Look on their works, ye mighty and despair!’#

To make brugmansias grow as well as these, from March to November feed them high potash (e.g. tomato feed in red bottles) every time you water which could be every day in high summer$ (weaker solution than suggested on the container to keep your bank manager happy)!

* Anthony Burgess

#Percy Bysshe Shelley

$Robin Lane Fox

Brugmansia aurea (form from Eastgrove Cottage Garden). To my mind this one has the best evening scent of all. Distinctive of aurea is the outward facing flowers, whereas on most they hang straight down. This came to us as ‘Grand Marnier’ and we have seen a huge variety of brugmansias so labelled. We do also have the correct one in our mini collection (see below).
Brugmansia ‘Grand Marnier’ This is the real deal and very lovely it is too, good robust and free flowering plant with a great scent.
This is Brugmansia ‘Sunset’ a few years ago showing just how free flowering they can be if fed properly. It is also the case that a bigger pot gives you a bigger plant. These are in the ground via raised bed.
Brugmansia ‘Langenbuscher Garten’ an extraordinary hybrid we aquired from Jon Kelf, a not to be missed selfie opportunity for our visitors
A close up of Brugmansia ‘Langenbuscher Garten’ flower
Brugmansia ‘Joli’ . This one is more delicate in form and colour and has a fine scent. A top plant, it’s been describes as ‘a ballet dancer among rugby players’
Brugmansia ‘Canary Bird’ a good strong colour and great scent. Very similar to ‘Gelber Reise’
Brugmansia ‘Gelber Reise’ A strong grower, good scent and free flowering, similar to Canary Bird (pictures taken in different light!)
Brugmansia suaveolens, a species type with a much spicier kind of scent. One of the hardier sorts
‘Purple Passion’ (possibly!)
Brugmansia ‘Knightii’ – possibly
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